Refilling your propane tank at Drew Park Propane is both economical and quick!

When you bring in your propane tank to be filled, we only charge you for the propane that we put in your tank.  There are no hidden fees, no minimums and no purge fees.

propane filling station tampaPropane Refill VS Tank Exchange – There’s a big difference

When we refill your tank, we fill to the maximum legal limit and only charge for the amount of gallons filled.

If you bring a tank in to refill and it still has propane in it, we will only charge for the propane needed.  With a tank exchange you will lose any propane in your old tank and that new 20 pound tank that you just got will have an average of only 15 pounds of propane.

Flat rate propane refills are also more expensive because you pay for the entire amount regardless of the amount you need.

Drew Park Propane refills all sizes of propane tanks for:

  • BBQ’s
  • Forklifts
  • RV’s
  • and more

Before your next family BBQ or before you head out on that family trip, visit us and top off that tank!  At Drew Park Propane you will never pay for more propane than you receive.